La Dolce Vita Danes


   Tank pictured at 22 months
Vanessa & Michael,
I don't even know where to start! Our first dane experience has been so incredible from the beginning until now, almost 2 years later, for so many reasons. For starters, Tank is the most amazing dog! He's a 200lb gentle giant! He is hands down the greatest dog we've ever had the pleasure of owning! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He's incredibly smart, well behaved, incredible with kids, all dogs, name it. He's pure sweetness! We will always have a dane in our lives and my husband and I agree, they will only come from you! You really do produce the best dogs I've seen around! Their beauty and temperament cannot be matched.

Vanessa, you have always been so supportive and available to me with any questions I've had or just to hear me brag at how he's the best Great Dane in the world! Thank you for everything!

Lucie S.

Flower Mound,TX

Daphne pictured at 5 months

Dear Vanessa,

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the female Mantle Great Danes that we purchased from you.  Daphne has been a great puppy with a very wonderful disposition. Vanessa was great to work with as we live in Washington State and I only had pictures and Vanessa's word on what puppy to pick as we were looking for a companion/show prospect.  Vanessa made the whole processes of buying and shipping Daphne great.  We look forward to buy another puppy form La Dolce Vita Danes in the future.


Jennifer W.


Daphne at 10 months and Drama at 4 months

Sasquatch, Apollo & Boss pictured at 21 months

Vanessa and Michael,
I have had the privilege to work with y’all for a couple of years now.    I used one of your dogs as a stud for my dog.  I have heard several horror stories, but y’all couldn’t have been any more of a pleasure to work with. You are dedicated to pursuing the best standards for her litters and have turned out some pretty amazing dogs in the process.  The pictures of the beautiful dogs that have been produced are only part of the story.  As the other testimonials have said and I, as an owner of three of these puppies, also say, their temperaments and wonderful personalities make these dogs even more desirable. 
Thank you for being a top notch breeder of these amazing dogs. I will be getting another one from you some time down the road!
Christy R.
Southlake, TX

Arya pictured at 1 year


I fell in love with a picture of a beautiful, female Blue Merle puppy but was extremely hesitant because  she was located in Texas and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to meet her or her breeder in person.

I saved her picture but decided to continue to search for a breeder within driving distance of me.

A few days past but I found that no matter how many other Great Dane puppies faces I looked at, I always ended up looking back at my saved picture of that first adorable blue Merle. 

I decided to visit La Dolce Vita Danes website and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and beauty of the the Great Danes shown and the positive testimonials of families that had purchased a puppy from previous litters. I finally decided to call and inquire....  Vanessa was the kind, knowledgeable, reassuring  and caring voice on the other end of my call. She took the time to talk and answer all my questions about the puppy and put my mind totally at ease.

By the end of the conversation I had agreed to purchase the puppy.

“Arya” arrived on a Delta evening flight within a few days, happy and in perfect health. Vanessa is a one of a kind breeder of healthy and quality Great Danes with wonderful temperaments.

 Arya completes our family and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Vanessa for blessing us with such a beautiful, smart, loving girl and for your continued support when needed. 

Pip M.

Tokyo pictured at 16 months

La Dolce Vita Danes,

I wanted to take a minute and tell you what a wonderful experience I have had with La Dolce Vita Danes.  As a first-time Great Dane owner I had no idea what to expect and how to care for Tokyo.  The information you provided as well as your willingness to answer all my questions has been a Godsend.  

I love my Tokyo, I can’t imagine not having him with me. Not only is he beautiful he also has a wonderful personality, is playful and obedient.  I have three grandchildren and he is so gentle and patient with them.

Thank you for everything,

Shirley K.

Denver, CO.
Riley pictured at 4 months

Riley is by far the best dog this world has ever known. She’s my first dog to officially own, and she is amazing. I was surprised with her for my birthday. I had been begging my parents for a Great Dane. Never before owning one, or even having one in the household, I had no idea what to expect. But Riley, by far, exceeded all possible expectations! She is such a good dog at such a young age. She does like to push her limits, but with that face, you can’t help but love her anyway. She has the sweetest most unique personality in a dog, and I absolutely adore her for it. She is a blast to play with, but also really great to have around during naptime because of her love of being near you. I’m so impressed by her walking ability. I take her outside all the time, and she never runs away, she always stays with me. But if I need her on a leash, she does great! She is big and lovable, and truly makes my day. You can’t beat coming home from a bad day and having this clumsy, gigantic dog running towards you…with that face bounding at me there’s no way I could ever remember a bad thing that has ever happened. She’s great with the other two dogs we own, and she’s great with visitors! A little shy at first, but once she warms up to them, she treats them like part of the family! Of all the dogs I could get, and of the Great Danes I could get, I am so blessed and happy to have Riley. She is the best dog ever!

Laura W.

Portrait of Riley from her owner Laura! Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture with us Laura!

Sgt. Meatball pictured at 20 months

Sgt. Meatball is without a doubt one (of the) best dogs anyone could ever ask for. Period. Hands down. We are first time Great Dane owners, and it has been quite a ride with our big guy! From the moment we picked up "Dallas" from his litter to when we thought he would never stop growing and up until now, it has been an incredible journey with the sweetest. most lovable dog ever. He has a happy go lucky personality that wins over even the grouchiest of grouches, hes's always in a good mood, and tons of fun to play with especially when he starts crawling down low like a ninja and tries to sneak up on you. Yes, he really does think that you can't see him! He also loves his naps too though and will carefully place and stretch out all his blankets before laying down to snooze on his back. He is a funny, funny guy and we can't imagine not having him as part of our family.

Its not every day that one meets a breeder that is so nurturing and caring as you. You truly care about your dogs and litters, and that's why your pups have the biggest hearts and are so loving with their new owners! Thank you again for Sgt. Meatball and also keeping in contact with us. We definitely will be coming back to you for another pup!

Jason & Elaine S.
Murphy, TX
Maggie May pictured at 6 months

Maggie is doing great, she is full of energy, very smart, very stubborn, and a big sweetheart. She is 91lbs and abut 28 & 1/4". Her ears are all done and look fantastic.  She graduated puppy class 101 and knows all her basic commands, some tricks, and uses a bell to let us know when she has to do her business. She is well behaved in the house but goes a bit nuts with guests, she is a real social butterfly! We take her all over, shopping, road trips, dog parks, restaurants, hardware stores etc she loves people, kids, and most dogs. She is a little scared of small barking dogs and she still has issues with our cat. When we went out of town we boarded her at "Bark Boutique Hotel" and she did very well, had her own quite room and tv and made lots of friends. Overall we are all doing very well and she is a real joy to have around!

Armin & Nancie S.
Murphy, TX