La Dolce Vita Danes
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We share a passion and commitment for our Great Danes, and strive to produce the highest quality dogs, with superior temperament and conformation. We are committed to finding permanent, outstanding homes for our puppies. Our Great Danes are more than just our pets, they are our beloved family members. Great Danes brought our family together, and for anyone that has had the pleasure of having a Great Dane in their life, they know how extraordinary these exquisite dogs are. Thanks so much for visiting!

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We are so proud to announce La Dolce Vita's Razzle Dazzle "Daphne" just received her first points,  WB a 4 point major at an AKC show in Couer D'lane Idaho under judge Sharon A. Krogh. Thanks so much to her and her owner /handler Jennifer Williams for a job well done!

La Dolce Vita's Razzle Dazzle "Daphne" in Walla Walla,Washington day 1 goes WB, BOW and BOB under Judge Mrs. Jane Treiber!

La Dolce Vita's Razzle Dazzle "Daphne" in Walla Walla, Washington day 2 went WB and BOW under Judge Wayne Morris.